A bespoke collection of services for the heart and home.

It’s time to say yes to self-care and establish a system that aligns with your highest self—and this starts at home.


To encourage a deeper connection between self and space

boutique SERVICES

Organizing & Editing

+ Less waste because you won't overbuy what you already have in your cabinets
+ Get dressed with ease and inspiration with a curated closet and only keeping the best and most flattering pieces
+ Save time looking for items when they have a designated home
+ Maximize your storage space to it's fullest potential for easy visibility and access
+ Reduce stress and subconscious thoughts surrounding things being out of place
+ Elimate the risks associated with expired food and beauty products
+ Get clear on your lifestyle goals and have your home support you with these every single day

For the busy homebody looking to up-level their self-care system

We take the guesswork out of home organization and establish a decluttering system that works. Through each chapter in our journey, whether it’s sorting through the old or curating the new, our team will provide the insight you need to make the best, most freeing decisions. Let us lighten your load!

It’s worth noting—no space is too little or too big. Depending on your preference, we’ll work side-by-side or independently to sort, edit, shop for and organize your home. We can work with existing products you already own or purchase new ones, too. It's entirely up to you. All in all, a very fun, very transformational experience to treat yourself to.


Unpack & Install

+ Feel at home in a matter of days instead of months
+ Save time and energy for other things on your to-do list
+ Focus on what matters most instead of stressful moving details
+ Experience peace of mind because your home is set up professionally from the start, unique to your lifestyle goals
+ Enjoy your new home sooner and focus on day-to-day living and self-care practices
+ Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on taking care of yourself throughout this transition

For the thoughtful visionary on the move—and in need of an extra pair of hands.

Let’s face it, moving is a lot. It’s stressful, it’s chaotic, and it can be incredibly isolating, too. We deeply understand just how tiring your next pivot can be, so why not invest in a professional with a plan? Feel right at home in a matter of days.

We’ll meticulously unpack each box and set up easy-to-follow organizing systems for your new home right from the start. We’re also available to manage and schedule your movers, as well as any third-party contractors that are needed. Consider us the eyes and ears of your next move. Just think of what you can do with the time you’ll save. Keep in mind we do highly recommend a pre-move edit.


Design Team

+ Closet Design
+ Mood Boards & Shelf Styling
+ Space Planning
+ Hand Picked Furnishings & Accessories
+ Managing Purchases and Delivery
+ In-house Custom Furniture and Storage Pieces

For the heartfelt creative with a vision and a desire to collaborate.

Looking to up-level your home and create something custom? Our team is certified in Interior Design, and we’d love to get to work on your dream space, crafting rooms that speak to your style and energy.We’ll handle everything, from design to managing the installation. With the HH team on your side, you can rest assured knowing your project is in capable, creative hands.


Virtual Offering

+ FaceTime or Zoom meeting
+ An easy DIY step-by-step plan curated for you to organize your space just like we would professionally
+ A customized shopping list and product recommendations for your space
+ Online decluttering assistance
+ Accountability and follow up correspondence

For the tech friendly, looking to get hands on.

If you love organizing as much as us but don't know where to start, we'll take the guesswork and overwhelm out of the DIY approach in our Step by Step Virtual Offering. We'll schedule a one-on-one video call with you and your space and go over every little thing together so we can come up with an organizing plan to reach your most important goals for the space. We'll get back to you with a customized step-by-step plan for implementing our suggestions one by one. Complete with an itemized shopping list and links, you'll be organized in no time so you can finally put your feet up and relax.


The Walkthrough

+ See what's possible with a new perspective and professional expertise
+ Start with the big picture, overseeing all storage possibilities instead of only in one space at a time
+ Meet our team in person and share your dreams and goals with us so we can curate a plan of action
+ Save time having to take photos and videos yourself
+Can be scheduled in person or virtually via FaceTime or Zoom

For the curious looking for a second opinion.

Get the professional input you’ve been looking for in a quick time frame. This is the very first step in working together, including an in-person meeting for up to one hour where we’ll walk through your home together, space by space, and address any problem areas. We’ll take some notes, ask questions, take some pictures, and get back to you with a schedule and project estimate.


For the intentional and the curious with a specific goal in mind.

decluttering session
unpacking only
Personal shopping
closet design
gift cards
Social partnerships

Our approach

A thoughtful process you can trust


Booking your complimentary consultation with us is simple! We offer a variety of in-person and virtual home-organizing services to bring your dreams to life. During our chat, we can advise which services would best suit your needs. Follow our calendar link and schedule your 15-minute call with our team.

If you'd like to receive a project estimate, please send us detailed pictures or a video of your space, showing us the inside of your closets and cabinets. We'll get back to you promptly with a proposal, project schedule and our formal contract.

If you prefer an on-site opinion, our team would be happy to take a look for ourselves. In this one-hour meet and greet, we’ll walk through your home together, space by space, and address any concerns and wishes. We’ll take some notes, take some pictures, and get back to you with a schedule and project estimate, and formal contract. Kindly note that our walkthrough service is $145.

Once we’ve confirmed the project, the real fun begins. We’ll work closely together to ensure your creative vision is at the forefront of each exciting step in the process. Whether we’re decluttering and organizing or unpacking and moving in, you can trust that we’ll be for you—ready and willing to discuss any and all things wellness.

We’re passionate about establishing a supportive space for you to be honest about your goals and the decisions you’ll need to make to get you there. We also understand just how much value an item can hold, positive or negative. Through our decluttering process, we set the scene to ensure you can make your best decisions and do so in peace. A playlist, a candle, hydration—it’s a holistic experience.

Finally, a home that feels like you. You’re free to entertain, relax, and settle in. This truly is the best part of what we do. We love seeing you in your element, in a home you love that aligns with your vision. Prepare to start anew with a mindful space that makes you feel good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything we do, from decluttering to design, is to foster a better relationship with yourself, and this starts at home.

Why work with us?

New beginnings are possible. While our inner work begins at home—through organizing and designing, we seek to inspire change outside of the home, too. Not just in your home life but throughout every chapter of your life, welcoming a sense of self-empowerment.

How involved do I need to be?

We are a full service organizing company but there are two parts of the process where we would love your help and feedback. The systems we put into place highly depend on your personal goals and current lifestyle so ideally we'll find time to chat one-on-one for 30-45 mins going over your wish list and our initial ideas.

Editing can be done in-person or remotely so you don't have be physically present on the day of the project, we just ask that you're available via text or email the day of your project to answer any questions we may have.

Where do you donate items?

We have local partners here in Marin and in San Francisco that are making a big difference in our local communities. Depending on the kind of items being donated, we will arrange a drop off ourselves or by a third party if it's a large item such as a piece of furniture or more than a car load of things. Happy to share our partner list with you upon request.

Where do you shop?

Our preferred shops are The Container Store and Amazon but if requested, we also source custom pieces depending on your aesthetic. We may need to allow extra shipping time in cases like this.

How do you charge?

All of our in-person services are based on an hourly rate but we will provide a project estimate for you including a do not exceed. So what this means is, if extra time is needed, you won't be charged more. No surprises!

What areas do you service?

We are based in Mill Valley and Los Angeles, CA. In the North Bay we serve San Francisco, San Mateo County, Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa County, Oakland and Berkleley. In Southern California we serve Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Burbank and Pasadena.

We are available for travel and long-distance projects. Please contact us for more information.